A year ago, Israel invaded Gaza, resulting in 1,400 people killed, 347 of them children, 5,450 Injured and one third of the buildings and infrastructures destroyed. The record shows the magnitude of the slaughter that continues to the extent that a Spanish newspaper (Diagonal) in its January 2010 issue headlined Gaza returned to “The Age of Clay.”
Either UN claim and Physicians’ reports about Gaza refer and that almost the entire child population and part of the adult population suffer from severe post-traumatic psychological disorders, while the Israeli blockade to the Gaza Strip continues unabated.

This is an anniversary to remember the shame and impunity, but more than this, is both the diplomacy and international policy failure. It seems that all the existing powers do not blush for not being able to stop the abuse of Human Rights that continue to be perpetrated in Gaza and the failure to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
The response to this situation must be given by those who govern in the area, because they lead the trends about Middle East policies either Europe, USA or the UN.
Can we say something different after a year of the invasion of Gaza. Really, not.

Apart from some distinguish exceptions, the international press revealed with no so much interest and with great dismay, the Palestinian drama in this first anniversary.Too far indeed, when the same media published in their front page showing blood, terror and victims of the war.
Despite the seriousness of the war consequences, as always happens, it means little to the region and world peace, and less interested to the international press because it sells less. Only death and bombings watched live on television around the world, are marketable.

The subliminal message of the ruling powers is very clear: they try to avoid that we have to get used to injustice and horror as part of the landscape of the area.
We have always held from this Platform, that for achieving peace we must fight not only for the absence of violence but the necessary pursing of Justice, Human Rights and therefore, the compliance of the multiple UN resolutions violated systematically by Israel.
2009 has been another year lost for Peace for the following reasons:

a) Israelis and Palestinians suspended negotiations
b) Israeli government intransigence and manipulation of the International Community demands.
c) Negotiations failure to reach the Palestinian unity between Hamas and Fatah despite Egyptian and European mediation, a fact used by Israel to show that there is nobody to negotiate.
d) The passivity of the international community to what is happening in the occupied territories and, the Gaza SIEGE and its responsibility for the inhumane conditions in which the people of Gaza live.

However, a slight glimmer of hope for peace was raised by Obama’s speech in Cairo in March 2009, but in the everyday political practice has not been translated into action yet.
His Administration passivity in the Conflict is evident, making the game to Israeli Executive: that means to go on with the colonization and occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem with a militaristic and devastating policy.

Netanyahu’s victory in the recent Israeli elections and the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Minister of Foreign Affairs, shows shamelessly their racist attitudes against the Palestinian people and in particular, with the Palestinians who belong to Israel radicalizing their ultra-nationalist position.
The answer of Netanyahu’s strategy trying to silence any critical voices coming from the Obama’s Administration and the EU, saying to the world that he agrees with the proposal for Two States solution but their actions aren’t directed towards that goal, just the opposite.

The moratorium promised to the U.S., which has been postponed 10 months, about the construction of thousands of homes is not being fulfilled, furthermore, it is being intensified, reflecting a further humiliation to the entire Palestinian people and a damage to the Israeli population, which leads to a deadend, allowing the continuation of confrontation and the best argument to keep the wick burning.

Israel shows a policy that all Palestine belongs only to Israeli jews and therefore there´s no place for an Independent Palestinian state while its Executive declares to be very interested to sit down and negotiate with the PNA without preconditions.

The pressure of Obama’s Administration and the EU in 2009 over Israel has not been strong enough, giving the impression that U.S. policy will continue in the same way during 2010 and the EU will continue supporting it.
Proofs of this are the statements that on 7th January 2010, Rahm Emanuel, White House Staff Chief, who is a zionist jew, told the Israeli Consul in Los Angeles, Jacob Dayan, that in the U.S. they’re tired of Israelis and Palestinians.

Emanuel warned Dayan that if the peace process doesn’t progress, U.S. won’t be involved in the Conflict anymore.And this is precisely what Israel wants, so that the entire International Community become get tired of the Conflict , not pressing Israel and that eventually everything will be forgotten, so that the current course will continue.

As in many previous occasions the intention is that the slaughter in Gaza, the occupation and colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem becomes part of the forgotten history of injustices committed in this Conflict, instead of becoming into actions that politicians have at their disposal to promote a real change towards peace.
Any peace talk between Palestinians and Israelis won’t be achieved if previously the occupation of Palestinian territory isn’t stop impeding all Israeli construction in the West Bank be break down according to the PNA.

It’s striking and unacceptable the statement made by the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, calling for dialogue with the parties «as soon as possible and without preconditions» what results in the Palestinian negotiator question: «How can we negotiate the borders of a Palestinian State while the diggers and the colonies are eating up the land on which we want to build that state?

The Palestinian and Israeli people who are fighting and want peace, expect from the international community facts, not more words.
Nevertheless, international pressure on Israel continues to grow in different areas:

a) Regarding international law, the Goldstone report on Gaza mandated by the UN and made by a Jewish Zionist South African judge who condemns Israel and Hamas for war crimes in connection with the war in Gaza for 24 days between late 2008 and early 2009, is an evidence that the fight against injustice and crime still has defenders.

b) Regarding legal actions, there are many against the impunity of Israel.

UK and other European countries like France and Spain are becoming risky destinations and unlikely for political and military leaders of the destruction of Gaza, Lebanon and of other injustices military actions of Israel. Proof of this has recently been the initiative of judges in the UK to prevent Tzipi Livni, Minister of Foreign Affairs during Ehud Olmert government, to step down on English territory because she could be arrested and taken to the Justice Court for her shared responsibility with Barak and Olmert in the destruction of Gaza. This English attitude provoked in Israel surprise and incomprehension and the immediate answer was to put pressure on the British government to change «such absurd laws.»

c) The proposition under the initiative of the Swedish presidency of proclaiming East Jerusalem as capital of a future Palestinian State is a sign that peace initiatives are appearing within the EU.

d) The international resistance against Israeli occupation grows and intensifies, while Civil Society and NGO’s played an important role, organizing a caravan for peace that finally managed to enter in Gaza in defiance of the Israeli and Egyptian blockade, despite the many obstacles that were imposed, because o the caravan was locked in Cairo for several days without letting go. El objetivo no solo era traer la ayuda y la solidaridad tarea fundamental sino intentar que Gaza no permanezca en el olvido. The aim was not only to bring help and solidarity, essential task, but to try to remain that Gaza is not forgotten.

e) Resistance also continues with the Palestinian and Israeli peaceful mobilization against eviction from homes both in East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank in 2009 where more than 150 homes were demolished.

In view of this complex situation of stagnation, the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz on 10th January 2010 that only psychiatrists can explain the behavior of Israel, and adds, there is not a rational explanation for its tactics, therefore this behavior certainly raises the suspicion of the following psychic abnormality: loss of contact with reality, permanent or temporary insanity, paranoia, schizophrenia and megalomania, loss of memory and the inability of judgment. It is compulsory for the International Community to watch and evaluate these psychological behaviors of a government which in turn is reflected in many of its inhabitants.

In light of this impasse we may ask:

Will the current Spanish Presidency of the EU press firmly on the Israeli government in order to halt the construction of dwellings in the West Bank and East Jerusalem? Doing so, will it help somehow?¿ Will this Presidency act vigorously to make sure that this year the creation of a Palestinian state is fulfilled or just will it leave things as they are?
In case Israel doesn’t change the current attitude, what would it be the EU one? Would be ready the EU to check the Israel status as an associate member of the EU?

We hope the EU will not remain silent and look other way as they did in the Holocaust, because we already know the consequences.
Intellectuals and non-intellectuals Jews, Israelis and the ones from the Diaspora know what the complicity of silence means. They also have to raise and unify their voices.

Peace could not be possible if the injustice still goes on.

How many more anniversaries of death will we endure?