Which are the similarities and what differences are in policies, speeches and chronicles of Hamas and Blair as special Quartet mediator in the region in order to find a gateway to the Palestine-Israeli Conflict?
Which are the real perspectives to help Peace with these policies?
Hamas, winner of the 2006 free democratic elections in Palestine, which were supervised by the International Community, appears as a excluded organization in the new political scenery.
The direct consequences of the exclusion has been:
The International Community embargo, specially from USA and the EU.
The economic blockage from Israel regarding the taxes that should have been transferred to the ANP.

The humanitarian crisis that has fallen over the Palestinian people as a Bible plague.

During this period, Blair and the Quartet haven’t accepted the democratic triumph of Hamas, and became responsibly of all the policies adopted by that organism, at the same time they sustained a suspected silence about the horrible crimes committed by the Israeli Army in the Palestinian territories.
Nevertheless, Blair has condemned the Qassam rockets attacks from Gaza that permanently crash in Israel territory, what put in a clear suspicious situation the role that could play as mediator, that is supposed to be level- headed for both sides in the Conflict .

In March 2007 Fatah signed conjoint with Hamas “The Mecca Agreement” for the constitution of a new Palestine Unity Govern under pressure of Saudi-Arab government and the Arab League which among others items had the compromise to stop fire between both factions that finally lasted no more than few weeks.
In spite of the Mecca Agreement a new violent Palestinian face-to-face clash breaked out in Gaza for the leadership of the Strip.
Meanwhile Hamas limitatively has not been subscribed neither the “Saudi Peace Program” lead by the Arab League, specially in the point of the right of Israel to its existence in the region, nor the no violence renounce as the only mean of its struggle.

Regarding the Israeli occupation, Hamas wasn’t been able to lead in the Palestine society a national project for the liberation of the occupied territories, because its aims were focus mainly to defeat Fatah and create an Islamic State in Palestine. On the contrary, the main objective of Fatah who was the looser of the elections was to defeat Hamas and push it away from the political power, or at least, help to fail his policies in all fronts. This political actions of Fatah were supported by the United States and Israel.

Every political negotiation step in the Conflict, must tend to have a mutual acceptance from both sides(Fatah and Hamas), allowing them to join together in a New Palestine Unity Govern, because if not , Gaza will fall on the hands of Al-Qaeda, which is acting nowadays in the Strip .We must highlight that Hamas had rejected all the attempts that this organization has made for joint to its .
To cope with this isolation , Hamas must be helped in order to participate in the peace process negotiations, because its represents more than a half of the Palestinian people.
This idea also has been proposed and promoted by the Arab League, and of course supported by most the Palestinian people.If Blair, Bush and Rice wants to success in theImpossible mission, they will have to get rid of theirs exclusion policies, something that seems unlikely at present.Nevertheless, currently the British political voices in the parliament together with the last declarations of Romano Prodi of Italy are claiming to include Hamas in the negotiations.

Bush ruling actions are still alive while preparing the Middle East Peace Conference, forcing Saudi Arabia to sit down for the first time in the negotiation process, although they didn’t make any substantial changes in the exclusion policies, against the willingness of both people that want to put end to the Conflict.
Blair policies have been devoted to three main items during the last period of his government:

1. The permanent defense of United Kingdom policies in Iraq .
2. The Islamic Terrorism threaten to the United Kingdom.

3. The North Ireland Peace Agreement.

Political consequences of UK strategic position in the Iraq war have been dramatic , and they are yet today .
Blair with Bush Administration and other allies countries together with oil and the weapons corporations, are all responsible of the horrendous crimes and injustices committed by the occupation forces in Iraq -no having assume yet the 250.000 death people, the 2.000.000 refugees of Iraq dispersed in the region, being this estimation only comparable with the Palestine refugees since 1948 after the creation of the State of Israel.

This situation has carried out the Conflict to a deeper division, and a fratricide struggle in Iraq ,between ethnical and religious groups pushing them to a misery live of violence, unemployment, and destruction under minimum living conditions, for millions of people that day by day suffer the consequences of the occupation.
If political circles are skeptical about Blair mediation referring to it as an impossible mission, they’re few positive results that can be expected over the table, unless he will make a radical change that includes Hamas in the negotiation process .

Neither Israel (as published Haartez in July 23 th) nor Hamas (totally excluded in the Peace conversations), see with “good eyes“ the ex Prime Minister mediation.
Neither Israel (as published Haartez in July 23 th) nor Hamas (totally excluded in the Peace conversations), see with “good eyes“ the ex Prime Minister mediation.
From one side, Israel considers that is very possibly that Blair will try to step out of his mediation objectives between Palestine and Israel; by the other, Hamas is forgotten by the mediator , because he follows the dictates of the Quartet, that consists of the no acceptance of any kind of dialogue that may be proposed by this organization, as has been practised also by the actual Abbas Government , which has imposed itself in the West Bank pushing Hamas to illegality.The respectable Spanish newspaper ABC said:
“The fact that Blair has not attributions to negotiate a definite agreement between both sides, due to Israel petition,shows clearly till what point this mission is condemned“ , either to gain or lose time, depends of the point of view “.

Blair will be at least a new “Conflict Manager” and nothing else can be expected of him .
Fawzi Barhoom, speaker of the Islamic Movement in the West Bank, is right when he says in his last statement : “Hamas exclusion is a way to exclude a huge part of Palestine people“.
In the same way that Blair had peace talks with the Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, he must establish direct conversations with Hamas in Middle East.
All this situation of constant exclusion between the political actors involved to execute a coherent Peace Plan, increases injustice and unsustainability for both sides in the Conflict, specially for the Palestine People. The Social and Economic Council of United Nations in its last meeting denounced the living conditions of them.
This report arrives to the conclusion that : the extremely serious movement restrictions that Israel has put to Palestine people, is the main cause of poorness and humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories .

Historic journey to Israel of two Arabian members

The Foreign Egyptian and Jordan Ministers Ahmed Addoul Gheit and Andel Ilah Khatib respectively, presented a plan of “land for peace” and asked for an establishment of a operative and quick schedule for the foundation of a Palestinian State.
They said that they have arrived to Israel “shaking hands for Peace”, but as is logical, this news Peace mission was strongly criticized by Hamas:
”We do need a quick and precise agenda, and we ask Israel not to loose this historical opportunity. Time is not our allied” said the Jordan Minister Abdelellah al -Khatib.
Olmert Govern accepts the Arabic League Proposal, who offers a “wide peace process”, if Israel gives back all the occupied territories and fulfilled by other demands.
These peace mediators has gone to Israel to promote the Arabic Peace Initiative, a proposal which objective is to make Israel to retire to the 1967 borders, so only by this way allow an “Independent Palestinian State” foundation, and at the same time will enable Israel to arrive to a global justice agreement for the Palestine refugees solution. In compensation of this attitude, Israel would have the whole recognition of the Arabic world .

But many Arab League members aren’t sure enough as how must be the treatment to give to Hamas from now onwards. Egypt want to include it in the negotiations, however we know how strong is the Israeli opposition to take this way.
Olmert send the signal clearly, till the moment to Palestinian people and the Arab States, refered to the intention to re-open negotiations over the “final Palestine State status” with President Mahmoud Abbas.

If is really true what Haaretz Israeli newspaper declares about Olmert predisposition to accept a 90% retirement from the West Bank and also accept Jerusalem as the future capital of the Palestine State, this means that the International Community pressing action is pushing the actors of the Conflict in the same direction to a positive dialogue, although at present time there’s neither no global agreement nor concrete results.

This situation put in evidence that actors as “The Saudi Peace Initiative” supported by the Arabic League at Jerusalem this last week -and historic initiative between the Israeli-Arabic relationship- clearly shows that the Israeli Goverment prefers to play a peace card that wasn’t in its plans, because the International Community pressing that still can fall over its head is strong yet, and won´t allow an inflexibility permanent status for this Conflict.
We do think that Olmert is demonstrating some signals about this, what means a not rigid Israel Govern position in front to the rest more flexible ones that belong to the different actors proposals in the Conflict.

Not to loose the context

Few times Occidental political point of view, considers seriously how the several Conflicts in Middle East are seen by the Arabic World, or for example, which is the impression that from these countries people have about the increasing violence in the Iraqi War.
The Iraqi war is part of a Global Neo-colonial Occidental strategy for the appropriation of the energy resources in Middle East and Central Asia. This war has not been the direct cause of the last two Intifadas, because they do belong to the inner history of the Palestine-Israeli Conflict . Iraq War either isn’t the direct cause of the recent 2006 Lebanon War between Israel and Hezbollah.
In Lebanon exists ethnical, religious and political different positions, by one hand, the anti-Syrian front who is supported by Iran and Hezbollah, in the another, the rest of the population. After one year of the end of Lebanon war , the threat of a new war have disappeared in both sides, but is incomprehensible the last statements of Nasrallah the head of Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, who announced recently : there will be surprises soon.

This speech in our opinion is not actually , because those words are being guided to his Sympathizers in Lebanon, while at the same time is speaking about , democratic participation in Lebanon and stopping any kind of confrontation with Israel. We have to highlight also that the International Forces that were sent by the UN to Lebanon last year are still playing a positive role in order to prevent any kind of violence in that zone.
Meanwhile Syria have declared that wants to negotiate the withdraw of Israel of the Golan Hights and sign a final Peace Treatment , but is still under suspicious by the International Community, because of its implication in Lebanese politicians murders .

We observed that the only strategic and political point of view of the Western Civilization (USA, EU and others) is to impose to the different Middle East conflicts a wrong way to achieve solutions like to bring a new program for Democracy to Middle East countries by force .
USA have mistaken in the idea that war against terror and the solution of the Iraq War , were the first objectives of its performance in Middle East and have postponed during seven years to make the most important efforts to solve the Palestinian- Israeli Conflict.

At the present when the presidential elections in the USA are in the agenda next year, Mr. Bush is in a hurry and he wants to take advantage of the new Conference in November at Washington.
the Iraqi war and the fundamentalits movements that are growing in Afghanistan and Pakistan, demonstrate that USA political and military actions in the region have failed, and are too far from ending, pushing in the most poor society sectors of the Islamic world a gate away to fundamentalist positions.
The Palestine Israeli Conflict is still an open wound in the Islamic world, if is not going to be solved in a reasonable period of time with justice, the violence will rise again.
This front to front is a constant border situation, and an excuse for searching different violent roads as the only possible way.

The Western World must demonstrate that is able to negotiate, to mediate and arrive to a definite justice solution for both communities -Palestine and Israeli- impartially listen to both parts.
The Peace Conference initiative of President Bush next Atumn, will have to include all the parts in the Conflict; if not, it will be only a new political make-up and therefore a new frustration and a big deceit for both people .

The economic support for concrete programs in Palestine by the Quartet and Bush Administration will be welcome for a collapse population and we wish that Money doesn’t end in different leaders pockets.
Permanent instability in the region produces an economic damage and doesn’t allow a peaceful live and stability for all the inhabitants of Middle East.

Without freedom there’s no justice. Without Justice there’s no peace and without peace there’s neither no democracy nor human rights respect, Politicians, and Civil Society Organizations and individuals of any kind that are working for peace.